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one can not prove
Without proof,
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2015 Mas Oyama Kyokushin Karate Australia Gasshuku


 28 - 31 August 2015
Gold Coast, Queensland

Gasshuku Overview Gasshuku Overview

28 August        Training
29 August        Training

30 August        Training
31 August        Training

The 2015 Gasshuku is going to be the best yet. We want your training experience to be more than just another camp: we want you to leave blown away by the amount of knowledge and information you receive. This year we are introducing a range of completely new training sessions on:

  1. Bullet Advanced Kata Bunkai
  2. Bullet Grappling Applications
  3. Bullet Advanced Kumite Drills
  4. Bullet Scientific Training Theories & Tools
  5. Bullet Instructing Skills
  6. Bullet Conditioning and Tournament Prep
  7. Bullet Diet and Weight Control
  8. Bullet Training After Forty
  9. Bullet Yoga Flexibility
  10. Bullet Top Guest Instructors
  11. Bullet New innovative ideas on fighting strategies, training strategies, bridging between the different fighting ranges, hacking training and short cuts to technical mastery, health and training longevity.


Camp 1 Camp 2 Camp 3


See you all in September!


For more information or assistance with accomodation please contact the
Australian Branch Chief Shihan Cameron Quinn


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