"Without practice,
one can not prove
Without proof,
one can not be
Without trust,
one can not be



Firstly I would like to say it is almost impossible to learn Karate from a book, even one with many illustrations.

The basic techniques you are taught are the building blocks which you will learn to combine for more complicated formal exercises and later for practical application for self defence.

No one can ever learn all there is to know about Karate, even though they may have trained for 50 or so years. It is also important for beginners to understand that no instructor can actually “teach” Karate to you. read more


The word kata means "shape" or "form".  The kanji for kata is composed of the following characters: Katachi meaning "Shape", Kai meaning "Cut", and Tsuchi meaning "Earth" or "Soil".

Literally translated, kata means "shape which cuts the ground". 

A kata is a sequence of blocks, kicks and punches from one or more stances, involving movement forward, backward and to the sides. read more


Osu is the one word that you'll hear the most in a Kyokushin dojo or at a Kyokushin tournament.

When you enter or leave the dojo, you bow and say "Osu". When you greet a fellow Kyokushin karateka, you say "Osu" instead of "hello". When you respond to an instruction or question in class, you say "Osu" instead of "yes" or "I understand". When practicing jiyu kumite (free fighting) in class and your opponent lands a good, hard technique, you say "Osu" to acknowledge your opponent's skill. read more


The Dojo etiquette that we follow is that practiced by Kyokushin Dojo’s in Japan and throughout the world. Some variations apply as changes are made to suit local conditions.

To show respect for the Shihan, Sensei and Senpai and observe Karate traditions is a vital part of the discipline and character of training that every beginner must undergo if they are to advance along the way of Karate. The following are basic etiquette practices.

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